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Prettie Boi Presents

by The Great Dane and Eddie Lockwood

Upcoming Events

  • CLASH: A Burlesque Battle Royale
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Apr 13
    New Orleans
    WELCOME TO CLASH: A Burlesque Battle Royale!! The game show where you will see the best burlesque, drag, circus and sideshow performances you've ever seen!
  • Class: A Classic New Orleans Burlesque Show with a Twist
    Multiple Dates
    Sun, May 21
    New Orleans
    Sparkling showgirls in gorgeous gowns performing with feather fans and singing sultry songs! THEN, feel the bass drop and see them strip away the opulence in our nightclub fever dream!!
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Aug 31
    New Orleans
    Dive into our world of depravity in this immersive homage to the obscene. Experience the unforgettable displays of debauchery with works of art that redefine entertainment.

Enjoy our fantastical world of Burlesque, Drag & Performance Art!

Experience the magic at The Allways Lounge & Cabaret featuring world traveling showgirls & spellbinding binding performance artists!

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