Prettie Boi Presents

by The Great Dane and Eddie Lockwood

Enjoy our fantastical world of Burlesque, Drag & Performance Art!

Experience the magic at The Allways Lounge & Cabaret featuring world traveling showgirls & spellbinding binding performance artists!

Transcendent .jpg

           Pride month is upon us once again, and Prettie Boi is proud to present to you.

TRANSCENDENT: A Queer Showcase featuring Drag, Burlesque, Comedy, and Live Singing! Show your support of the trans community, the backbone of the queer rights movement, on June 23rd with this all trans cast.

           Witness their undeniable talents and imagine yourself elevating, beyond your physical form, to truly know thyself. Live boldly in your higher truth. Unlock your greatest potential. Transcend.

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Returning Decadence 2022