Prettie Boi Presents

by The Great Dane and Eddie Lockwood

Enjoy our fantastical world of Burlesque, Drag & Performance Art!

Experience the magic at The Allways Lounge & Cabaret featuring world traveling showgirls & spellbinding binding performance artists!

Back 2 School.jpg


The guidance counselor from Euphoria High is holding an intervention and she needs YOUR help getting through to these misguided hooligans and delinquents!

Witness their debaucherous displays of depravity!

Prepare to laugh, cry and THROW YOUR MONEY so that they can receive the rehabilitation they so desperately deserve!

What happens when you take the BEST side-show, circus and burlesque performers and throw them into the same room with random props, songs and an imaginary title??


Welcome to the Thunderdome! These Titans of Tease are ready to throw down their gauntlets in order to win this Game Show that they know almost nothing about!

Cheer on your favorite competitors as they improvise their way to the finish line!

Prettie Boi Game Show .jpg
Lust Filth.jpg

LUST FILTH Part III: our annual weekender of Uncensored performance art!

Dive into our world of depravity in this immersive homage to the obscene. Experience the unforgettable displays of debauchery with works of art that redefine entertainment.

Award-winning & nationally acclaimed professional perverts are traveling in from all over the country to showcase their signature styles and erotic expertise.

Indulge with us as we kick off Southern Decadence!